Trans-Collections specializes in the recovery and reporting of debts from Transportation and Logistics companies.


Debtor Company Details:

  • Zentralbibliothek Zuerich of Switzerland

  • ZAHRINGEPLATZ, 6, Zurich, Switzerland
Debtor Company Contacts:
  • Owner, Owner
Reported Debt(s):
Debt Company Details:

  • Tuvia Italia of Italy

  • Milano, Italy
Debt More Details:

Latest Blacklisted companies

Marka Logistics Co. ltd. / Hunicorn China of China

Reported Debt(s) :
USD 6,043

AS Cargo Co, Ltd. of Jordan

Reported Debt(s) :
USD 24,346

Faith Freight Pvt Ltd of Maldives

Reported Debt(s) :
USD 8,771

Echo Logistics of Egypt

Reported Debt(s) :
USD 487