Trans-Collections specializes in the recovery and reporting of debts from Transportation and Logistics companies.



Trans-Collections has industry-specific experience that spans decades and has spent time honing knowledge in the areas of management, administration, collection techniques and strategy to better serve client needs. Trans-Collections prides itself on the expertise that it has in the Transportation and Logistics industries and this shows through in the work done for clients.


Trans-Collections' sole area of practice involves the recovery of legitimate debts from Transportation and Logistic companies. Trans-Collections does NOT handle collections against any commercial accounts - Trans-Collections is 100% focused in the transportation and logistics sector.


Trans-Collections has a simple contingent fee structure of 17.5% of the debt recovered or 22.5% if the debt is under USD 500 and/or 1+ Year delinquent.  If Trans-Collections does NOT recover monies on your behalf, there is NO fee charged.


With Trans-Collections, you will be represented by an aggressive team of individuals who will take whatever actions necessary to recover your debt. Trans-Collections will leave no stone unturned to make sure that Debtors prioritizes payment of your debts.


Trans-Collections keeps Clients fully informed of all communications with Debtors. There will be no surprises and Trans-Collections will not make any unilateral decisions with the prior consent of Clients.

Latest Blacklisted companies

PEX - Pratama Expresindo Logistik of Indonesia

Reported Debt(s) :
USD 45,000

PEX - Pratama Expresindo Logistik of Indonesia

Reported Debt(s) :
USD 2,239

PEX - Pratama Expresindo Logistik of Indonesia

Reported Debt(s) :
USD 18,540

AJ Logistics of Belgium

Reported Debt(s) :
USD 1,075